How Digital is your IT Infrastructure & Operations?

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This assessment can help you understand where your IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) organization stands on the journey to becoming digital. The questionnaire has 20 questions to assess the digital maturity of the I&O organization across four categories – overcoming organizational barriers, setting I&O priorities, adopting a new delivery model and roadmap for I&O transformation.

Assign a score between 1 and 6 for your organization on each statement in the survey. We will provide a score for your organization at the completion of the survey. The online tool will:

  • Calculate the average score per characteristic by averaging out the scores for statements under that characteristic
  • Sum up the average scores calculated to arrive at the overall score for your organization
  • Compare your overall score with the legend set out in our research to understand your I&O organization’s digital maturity
  • Allow you to identify which category requires more attention to speed up I&O transformation.
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